Analyse your Data where it lives

OQLIS executes in database, therefore we do not move subsets of data, so you can access your data quickly and using your own infrastructure. OQLIS makes it easy to quickly visualise your data without losing any of the detail, at its heart OQLIS is an analytics technology built into a web app, you can build your organisation a completely tailored experience, hosted in the cloud, its accessible through the web, mobile device or embedded into a custom application.


Browser Based UI

Simple, elegant, HTML5-based search interface that
offers search suggestions as you type and creates results,
visualisations and summaries instantly.

Speak Database Language

Building data models from SQL allows technical users to
leverage existing queries and knowledge to build reusable
views for other users to explore

Smart Query Cache

With a smart query cache built in, it reduces the workload
on your database server allowing multiple users to access
the same data instantaneously.

Direct Data Connections

With direct access to the database there is no need to
move or migrate data. All connections can revalidated and
audited from inside the system